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We offer not just the finest selection of designer gowns; but a wide range of complementary and highly-customized wedding services for every bride-to-be.

Our bridal consultants will assist you from selecting the perfect gowns for your big day, pairing of accessories along with unique veil and jewelry, to planning your once-in-a-lifetime wedding. All collection piece is made with uniquely and limited. And most of the collection is handmade by our in-house designer team.

We pay attention to all the details and strive to make your wedding easy and stress-free.

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Romance collection is a creation of opulence with romanticism. Luxurious encrusted beading, sensual shades of pastel color, and a lavish mix of sensual silhouettes are truly beguiling.

“We believe that every bride is unique, which is why we also believe that the ideal wedding gown should emanate the bride-to-be’s true individuality.”


Royal collection is deemed to be timeless, feminine and elegant, and is exquisitely expressed in its design by the impeccable taste.

"This collection represented the classic silhouette with different necklines, sleeves and interesting back details along with delicate French laces and embellishments."


Celestial collection created impeccable cuts, cutting-edge couture materials, detailing and intricate embroidery that appeal to the most trend-setting brides. To flatter and celebrate the female form, our design team tailored impeccably glamorous silhouettes, crafting them with new materials, such as crepe couture fabric, embellished mesh, and handcrafted laces .

The collection evolves the concept of shining and refined luxury, in a search of sophisticated elegance and modern.


Divine collection drip with romance, old-world glamour is brought to life with delicate embellishments, ethereal, flowing fabrics, and classic silhouettes.

Timeless, Romantic "Divine collection definitely will make a bride feel like she’s living in a fairytale on her wedding day. "

Ethereal, sensual, bold, and feminine.
Fluffy clouds on a beautiful day


A sprinkling of sequins or beads is a chic way to go for classic brides seeking a bit of sparkle.

"Glamour collection brings you a scene-stealing wedding look. A touch of sparse beading, unique arm accents, or reflective embellishments will do the trick without going over the top."

Custom Made ( Bespoke )

Bespoke doesn't mean unaffordable! ‘Tailor-made’ often comes with a hefty price tag, but Mon Chéri strives to create gorgeous, unique gowns that will fit with your wedding budget. If you have always dreamed about having a custom wedding dress or you simply cannot find the one, then bespoke may be for you! We offer a free consultation to discuss your ideas and thoughts about your dream bridal dress.

Unique, personalized, and meticulously crafted. Custom your dream wedding dresses

Chinese Traditional Gown

In the modern age, the Qun Kua is normally worn for the traditional tea ceremony or during the time when the bride return back to the bride home (回娘家). Here are some things to consider when wearing it.